Well, we finally moved in and got settled. We hope to be buying this house around this time next year. It's a 3Br, 2.5 Bath, 2400 sq ft. in NW Las Vegas in an area known as Centennial Hills. Gorgeous gated community and a fantastic neighborhood. Even though we're a ways 'out' from the Strip, it's still only 20 mins away. Pretty ideal for us, really.

Here are the pics of the house.

We enjoyed our time living w/ Assani & Co. (fellow poker players) but it was time for us to be on our own. I'm just glad it worked out as well as everything did!

Oh and we hope to be getting our adopted greyhound w/i the next 2 months...it all depends on the timing of my best friend coming down from Canada to stay w/ us for the WSOP. We don't want a new dog and having him here for 5+ weeks and the pooch getting used to him and then him leaving. Worst case, we get him after the WSOP this year. We can't wait!