Haynes isn't durable?

How do you define "durable"?
In 2002:
- Haynes averaged nearly 6 innings per start (~5.8)
- Dessens averaged nearly 6 innings per start (~5.9)
- Dempster averaged exactly 6 1/3 innings per start

I would call a starter "durable" if he is able to pitch over 6 innings per start.

Which directly leads me to the following point:

Dessens had a career year, and there is no reason to believe he can keep last years numbers up. They were an aberration. He is a 6 inning pitcher at best w/ a 4.40 era. We could get that from Brian Reith.

As you see, it's a legend that Haynes was more durable in 2002 than Dessens. Actually it was the other way around although you can say, that both are strictly 6 inning pitchers. I remember a good statement from Red Storm some time ago. He wrote, that Boone and Gullett handled Hanyes beautifully, as they more often than not pulled the plug on the questionables in the exact perfect spot in the 5+ IP range to save the team from worse damage.

Btw, do you believe that Haynes could repeat his 15 win season? The truth is that he was about the same pitcher with the Brewers in 2001, as he was with the Reds in 2002. Speaking of his ERA, Haynes had a career year ... otherwise he had almost the same hit, walk and IP ratio like with the Brewers. His just got better run support (4.71 in 2002 compared to 3.75 in 2001).

bullpen looks better than last year actually Willy finished very strong, as did Chen.

Why does the bullpen look better???
Rijo is over the hill
Sullivan had a horrible year, hopefully his arm is sound
Chen did not finish especially strong
(His last 10 outings: 9.53 ERA!)
Riedling looks promising
Hudson is unproven and gives up too many walks. His fastball is fast, but straight.

Willy is more than proven IMO.

He has been around a while, but is not a proven closer as his 4 blown saves in 12 chances in 2002 state.

Best relief pitcher we have is not White, but is probably Sully. I look for him to bounce back from a subpar year.

Last season White was among the best LH reliever in the majors. Unfortunately he also wasn't available for a longer stint because of injuries. In contrast to other lefthanders, Gabe is a great control pitcher but I understand that the Reds would rather go with Chen, Heredia or Mercker who get paid way less than White.

And yet the reds were among the league leaders in SB. Casey is slow, but the rest ain't too bad. just their baserunning judgement is poor

Aaron Boone stole 32, Dunn 19. I just saw that the Reds finished third in the NL in stolen bases, which surprised me quite a bit. The team lacks a speedy leadoff hitter with a good on base percentage, though.