Watching the game today,

1)why in the world is the coaching staff not getting on Taveras to QUIT swinging for the fences??
2) not one coach said anything to Bruce at the end of the game when he should have never been doubled off so easy!!
3) Cueto needs to look at video. He always leaves his pitches up in the zone when he is falling towards the 1st base side of the mound after delivering pitches!! where is Dick Pole?? isnt he the pitching coach???
4) after the 3rd walk to load the bases, Dusty lets Lincoln stay in the game and give up not one but TWO homers!!
5) the team looks like they are always going to be behind. no calmness and no focus!!!(Coaching) like the Pirates look. The Pirates look more unbeatable

I see the Pirates MORE a surprise team this season than the Reds right now!!!