I had to listen to the last 2 innings of the game last night on the radio as I was driving to UC so when I woke up today I wanted to turn on the TV and see the highlight of the Hernandez homerun.

I woke up at 10 and watched the sportscenter that was on till 11. They showed a few highlights from the big market baseball teams and then proceeded to fill the rest of the show with nfl draft predictions and todd mcshay and mel kiper argueing with each other. They even fit in some more madden stuff and NBA playoffs predictions.

What happened to ESPN showing highlights and stats of the previous night? Are those days gone? It seems like more and more of "predictions" from their expert analysts.

All I wanted to see was the Hernandez home run, yet there was no mention of the Reds (they did mention 3 other teams that had winning home runs in the 9th) in a hour long show. It sickens me.