Was driving to work last night, listening to the game, when CDick made that costly error in LF. The next batter flied out, so if he catches that ball, Owings gets out of the inning unscathed, regardless of the walks.

It frustrated me, but I'm not going to come down too hard on CDick right now.

But listening to Marty and Cowboy - who at times I take with a grain of salt - they claim that so far this season our OF defense has been quite "abysmal". And they back that up with several assertions as to why....

- guys taking bad routes to the balls, possibly through misjudgments/misreads
- miscommunication between the OFers causing some gaffes

And they feel this comes from a lack of cohesiveness among this group because of unfamiliarity in playing time with each other, really being able to "gel", get settled in, and feel comfortable with one another.

And one also has to throw in the element of youth and inexperience at the ML level with kids like Bruce and CDick.

In these early stages of the season, we've had both WT and Bruce out because of sickness and injury. And we don't seem to have a set LFer.

I like CDick. I think the kid should be given a legitimate shot at being the everyday LFer. Let him prove himself one way or the other. Dusty seems to like this platoon situation in LF between CDick and Hairston. And it's based on this position that CDick is "weak" vs LH'd pitching? Is that necessarily a proven? He had 21 A/Bs last year vs LH'd pitching, which yes, is a small window for ML level pitching; but he still put up some pretty solid numbers in those instances.....

.286 BA .426 OB% .429 SLG% .855 OPS

Hairston is a super-sub as far as I'm concerned. I like having him on my bench. But, historically speaking, we all also know, because Hairston has been around a several years, what to expect from him.

CDick has had 27 A/Bs in 11 games. Hairston 24. I just think CDick should be given the greater opportunity.

On a different note.....

Me likes Janish's play at SS.

I'm going to cut Agon some slack right now. Yeah, he too has been abysmal. But the guy was out for a year, and even saw limited playing time in ST. So his timing is off right now. That's evident by a .094 BA and .171 OB%. The guys is better then this.

I personally would have liked to have seen this FO getting Gonzo to accept a rehab assignment at Louisville for maybe the first month of the season to take the pressure off of him, and allow him to get into playing form and get his timing back.