It was the first time I saw the Reds get beaten that bad...or get beaten at all for that matter. Granted, I have been only to 3 Reds games in my lifetime. Some observations from the game:

(1) When Bronson's curve and offspeed stuff is not working, the outcome is brutal. He was just pitching batting practice to the Braves. I think some questionable calls early by the umpire may have led to Bronson's demise.

(2) When the Reds get behind by more than 2 runs, they try to win the game with one swing of the bat. Patience is out the window. Stategy does not come into play. A classic example is the leadoff double by Hanigan to open an inning, followed by a Bronson bunt double. Guys on second and third with no out and the Reds could not score. Lowe then proceeded to strike out the side (Dickerson, MacDonald, Votto).

(3) EdE needs to get his head on straight. It seems that we he makes a mistake in a ballgame (a throwing error in this game), he ponders on that mistake for the rest of the game.

(4) When you make one mistake in the ballgame (Dickerson drops a flyball near the left field wall), the Reds fans are on you for the rest of the game. Case in point, when Dickerson dived for a sure hit and missed catching it, the fans booed him. He then caught a ball with nearly the same dive within the next few innings and the fans cheered. Dickerson responded with a little courtesy bow (almost mockingly) as he acknowledged the cheers by the same fans that booed him.

Yes the Reds were stomped, but I had the time of my life on my once a year pilgimage to Cincinnati. Although my observations from the 39th row of section 134 may not be the best, I feel the Reds are on the verge of something special if everything starts clicking.