They're 17-7.

I was looking at their losses, and it's pretty impressive. They have been blown out only once, 10-3. Otherwise, they lost by 3 once, by 2 twice, and by 1 run three times. They are pretty much in every game. Interesting. They've held opponents to 2 or less runs 9 times, and 1 or less runs three times.

By comparison, the Reds have been blown out 10-2, 9-3, 7-0, 7-2, 10-2, and 8-3, that's 6 of their 10 losses. They've lost by 1 run twice, 2 runs once and 3 runs once. Kinda do or die for the Reds. But the Reds pitching staff has held opponents to 1 or less runs in 7 of their games. And they've held them to 2 or less runs in 10 of their games.

The Cards offense is 1st in the NL in batting average (.285), third in the NL in HR's (28), first in rbi, and second in OBP. Pretty impressive. Their pitching staff has the second best e.r.a. in the NL. Wow.

Okay, I'm impressed. At first I thought it was just a case of having some early hot hitting going on, but they seem to be the real deal. They have both pitching and hitting, where we just have the pitching.