The 2009 International signing period is now roughly two months away (July 2nd) so we should start to see some info on the top prospects available. Shortstop Miguel Angel Sano is thought to be the best prospect available. Here's a little piece on Sano from a Pittsburgh newspaper:

Another long-shot gem
Much younger than Strasburg, but no less pursued, is a terrific 15-year-old shortstop in the Dominican Republic named Miguel Angel Sano who is seen as one of the best prospects available in the upcoming July 2 international free-agent class for 16-year-olds.

And the Pirates are one of ... well, 30 teams interested in him, with word that the young man's bonus could reach $3 million, miles above the Dominican average bonus of $108,000. And the Pirates' entire budget for international players last year was $2 million, so this venture would require quite the extra expenditure on the part of ownership.

Still, the Pirates, known to have been on Sano's trail for an extended period, are seen as one of the favorites.

Here's a video on Sano: