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Those are definitely impressive numbers, so don't take this the wrong way... but that's some very low Isolated Discipline right there. Less than 30 points in OBP from walks - that has to improve big time. It's good that he's carrying a high average, and if he's still cutting down on the strikeouts that will help him to do that. But I definitely do hope those walks come up.
I continue to think there is too much focus on JF's walk rate and not enough focus on the frequency with which he makes solid contact hitting the ball for power. For a guy with 61 extra base hits, his K rate (21.7 percent of official at bats this year) is relatively low.

Again, the issue isn't whether he makes contact like Ichiro. The question is how often JF makes solid, hard contact resulting often in extra base hits as compared with other long ball hitters.

This is where I think he excels and I continue to think he will be a factor in major league baseball.

As GOYA says, however, I'm not sure what position he can play at the big league level. That's my concern, not his offense.