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Crap. I just spent 5 minutes writing a reply, lost my Internet connection, and lost my response.

In any event, the abridged version:

- Yes I was one of at least four, including the guy who made the deal, to veto it.

- No, I'm not a selfish owner or a teenager. I joined the league this year and took over the worst roster available. I'm not winning this year or, most likely next.

- I don't think the veto is only for the most extreme cases. In this case, I thought Cueto, Iannetta and Lidge was an extremely light return for Pujols, who is in his prime and will most likely never be dealt to the AL. If it was Pujols for Santana, I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

- I had a deal questioned in a Redszone league. Instead of namecalling and threatening to quit, I explained why I thought it was fair and let the chips fall.

- If the league owners don't want the veto, get rid of it and let the Commish decide on deals. If he's fine with this deal, let him override the veto. We haven't heard from him on this case. I'd be interested to hear his take.
You vetoed a trade between two players with far better track records than yours without waiting to hear an explanation from the participants. So I don't buy your excuses.

There won't be a next year for this league. At least for you.

This league barely survived its first year. If mbgrayson hadn't pulled this league out of the ashes this spring it would have been dead already. I have no desire to play with selfish players and I won't next year.

There are way too many leagues to choose from to justify selecting one with players that don't play fair.