If you were looking at this team, before the season started, and you were to tell me that BP would be in a month long slump to start the season. Votto would have vertigo like symptoms and be out for a few games. Micah Owings was our best pinch hitter. Jay Bruce was only batting .228. and Willy Taveras only had 12 stolen bases. What would you say our record would be? under .500? Dead last in the division, sellers at Memorial day?

You have to give Dusty some credit. He doesn't always say the right things, heck, he says some things that even he doesn't believe comes out of his mouth, but he motivates these young kids. He has a group of AAA ballplayers, role players, that are just giving him all they have every single game. Some are playing out of their minds out of Position (ie. Ramon Hernandez at 1st.).

Its not like we are playing mistake free baseball, we are having our errors, we have our mistakes, but we fight, we take pitches, we don't swing at bad pitches. We believe in each other and no matter what, we out hustle the other team. That is motivation, that is a great leader, that is Dusty Baker.