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Bit of a stretch isn't it, Heisey to Milton Bradley? I mean when Heisey catches up to him in ejections or is at least in the neighborhood might be a better time to compare the 2.
I brought up Bradley because he's someone everyone loves to hate, whereas Heisey is someone everyone loves to love. The point is how they're treated differently--not similarly. Just imagine the things people would be saying if Milton Bradley threw a glove in the direction of the umpires. It would be all over ESPN, and no one would shut up about what a horrible individual Bradley is. Now imagine if it were Homer Bailey. There would be a lot more people attacking him than defending him just based on what they think they know about the guy. I'm not saying Heisey is anywhere near as bad of a teammate as Bradley--heck, if I were to guess, I'd say he's probably one of the best teammates in all of baseball--but there's a double standard with Heisey because he's a scrappy underdog, and that's not fair to him nor anyone else imo.