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What about the punishment fitting the crime? Doesn't this seem excessive? I understand that is the whole point, to scare others from doing it. But how are they going to collect such a judgement? She won't make that kind of money in her life. Anyone know how that works? Is she supposed to live on an allowance and everything above a certain amount goes to pay it off? In that case why would she work or even try to pay it off?
In many cases property not exempted by state and federal law will be seized as payment towards the judgment if there is not money to pay (which of course there won't be). The plaintiffs can then file a judgment lien of some sort (again, depends on state law) to collect the rest through garnishment, which can be all disposable income above the allowable exemption. I speak from personal experience as someone who once ran a business and had to collect in civil court...those are the methods we used.