I believe we had a thread for each of the top few picks last year. Here's some stuff on Hamilton.


"Hamilton is a freakish athlete with the same type of tools that makes Tampa Bayís Carl Crawford an all-star, plus the ability to play center field if shortstop doesnít work out. There is some risk with Hamilton as he hasnít played baseball at the same high level as most top prospects, and he comes from a rough background (like Crawford) that will take some maturity to overcome. Crawford, by the way, was just the 52nd overall selection in the 1999 draft. A bonus of picking Hamilton in this spot is the ability to spread his bonus money out over a five-year, multi-sport contract due to his football scholarship to Mississippi State."

"Hamilton is an exceptional talent with sub 6.5 speed in the 60-yard dash and the ability to use it on the base paths. In addition to a good glove, a strong arm and solid switch hitting ability, he has a good feel for the game. Signed to play football at Mississippi."