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OK, how about "more bad luck than the average MLB team"? Is that better? I know what you're saying though DD... it's the hardest position to fill with a legit player. But wouldn't you agree that over the last 30 years the Reds have had worse luck than the average MLB team finding catchers in the draft? I think we've had Joe Oliver and that's it since JB moved from catcher to third (and then first). Dan Wilson had a decent MLB career with the Mariners, but I don't count him. Dane Sardinha was awful, Mesoraco is looking like a bust in the making, Tatum wasn't very good for a third-rounder... I could go on and on.

I just hope Fleury helps end this trend. Then again, if we keep getting undrafted players like Ryan Hanigan that can play catcher well at the MLB level and hit well, I'll be all good. ;-)
Some of that is 'bad luck', but I think most of it comes from flat-out 'bad drafting'. Almost nothing of quality came through the Reds system through all those years with Bowden. The Reds finally have competent people in the front office, and we may finally see a quality catcher come up through the system.