12th rounder Josh Garton has signed...

Reason to root

... for outfielder Josh Garton to make it. The 12th-round pick, who signed with the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday, was in Guelph with his brother, John, when he was drafted on Wednesday. Sister Brittany, 19, was given special permission to take a cell phone into class.

"When her phone went off at school she screamed the news to the whole class," Garton said.

Brittany attends the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind in Brantford after losing her sight at seven months old. She hopes to get a seeing-eye dog soon.

Garton has his sister's name tattooed on his arm ... in braille.

Another reason

Done with his interview, the reporter says thanks and is about to hang up.

"Can I thank you for giving me all those good advertisements, you know, write-ups in your paper," Garton said.

Well, you did hit those 16 homers.

"That's a lie," Garton said.

A lie? You didn't hit 16?

"Naw, they stopped updating the website when the regular season ended," Garton said politely, "counting post- season, I hit 20."

Go get 'em, kid.