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Well they sure haven't set the world on fire Doug. Watson is just now having any real consistency besides Low A ball where he could get away with 1 good pitch, Scott Carroll has done what but toil and Cline has barely even pitched yet after close to a year being with the organization. I'd like to see a bit more out of top 5 round selections. You have guys drafted after them who actually have better track records of some success just in this organization alone. 3 years from now if Boxberger is in AA and maybe has a shot at being a good reliever will that be considered a good selection by most here, by anybody? For a 1st round selection? No I doubt it.
If you aren't drafting inside the top 10 or 15, hardly any of your picks are going to set the world on fire. You are talking about a 2nd round reliever, a 3rd round starting pitcher who played more football in college than baseball and a 4th round pick drafted just last year out of high school who hasn't even had his season start this year.

Watson has battled a lot of issues. He couldn't locate his breaking ball in the zone and wound up scrapping it later. Then he couldn't find the strikezone. Lately he is pitching better, but really, you were talking about reaching and at the time of the draft, he went in the range where he was projected to go.

Scott Carroll was a raw type of pitcher because he was also a college football player (QB) and was never able to focus solely on one sport. Last year he got better month by month and well, he had the unfortunate positive test that he and the Reds both fought as a false positive and he has made 1 start this season just last week.

As for Tyler Cline, he made two starts last season. Two. He is likely heading to the GCL or Billings (likely GCL) as a guy in his first full season out of high school as a 4th round pick. You make it sound like he is 22 years old and hasn't made it out of the GCL yet. He is right on target for where just about everyone else his age/draft spot is at.

I think you have the wrong idea of what a draft pick is if you think those guys are 'misses' already, especially Carroll and Cline. Heck, even a guy like Watson is showing MLB qualities at this point in AA. Do I like the idea of a reliever in the 2nd round? Not at all. But if we wind up getting ANY major league production from a 2nd rounder I am going to be happy with that given the fail rates of draft picks.

And lets not really call Boxberger a first rounder. He was a supplemental pick. And as far as him being a reliever in 3 years, well we will see. But I don't think thats in the Reds plans right now.

Do you remember the threads started by M2 a few weeks ago where we redid all of the drafts? Remember how after about 20-25 picks we started getting into role players? If the Reds get a reliever out of Boxberger in the end, then they made a good selection.