I haven't seen the WinMo people represented yet. I have an HTC FUZE from AT&T and have loved Windows Mobile so far. This is my first WinMo phone. Going to upgrade to 6.5 eventually. There are a lot of apps out there and so forth, but mostly I am curious about how people use their phones. Mine is mostly used for email and internet. I hardly ever talk on my phone which is probably quite backwards. I also would like to use this thread so that people can get help from the vast amount of knowlege available on Redszone. I know people have mentioned this before, but the amount of knowlege you can attain on here coming from people of all walks of life is absolutely mind boggling.

My favorite app on my phone is Skyfire browser. The first non-beta came out recently and it is much improved over the betas. It still isn't the end all browser, but it is quite good. I also use Iris browser when Skyfire doesn't do the trick. Between the two of them, I have no need for Opera or IE.