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you guys didnt even understand what I was saying in that thread. I was saying I can completely understand why he could be viewed that way.
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"That is what im trying to say, if it was related to the inner ear they would have saved Votto a bunch of trouble by saying it was inner ear. Instead they said it was stress and now it makes him look bad. Either its because of stress and he deserves to look bad, or they just made a huge mistake. "

"The idea of someone playing baseball and bailing for "stress related issues" could really tick some fans off."

"In this case the fans were just left in the dark and yes I find it pretty easy that people think his excuse for not playing is a joke and I completely understand if people want to trade him. "

"If you didnt expect people to say suck it up and stop being a sissy I dont know what to say. "
Yeah man, you made it perfectly clear what you meant.