[QUOTE=LouisvilleCARDS;1902886]No the guys who are satisfied with Owings know he already has more wins at the 5 spot this year as we had ALL OF LAST YEAR at the spot. And also realize that the next start Homer gets, what, his 4th or 5th chance up here now? He hasn't proven anything himself to do any better thus far.

You asked for stats, FlightRick gave you a great breakdown earlier, and you didn't respond. I think most here realize the days when Owings would have been the NUMBER ONE STARTER a few years ago, back when Jimmy Haynes Her Way, and Danny "dig your own" Graves were anchoring the rotation. [B]Complaining about him being the 5th starter is kind of like complaining about the mud on your tires while your car is on fire

That says it all.