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Call me crazy (and a lot of you will) but I'm not enamored with Scott Rolen. 5 years ago, this would have been great. Now, not so much IMO.

Rolen hasn't OPSed over .800 for a full season since 2006.
EE has OPSed over .800 every season for the last 4 years.

I know Rolen plays much better D, but he's also 34- an age where the D can go downhill real quickly, not to mention his health concerns (he's played more than 115 games 1 time in the last 5 years.)

EE is far from perfect- especially on defense, but he is 8 years younger and makes almost $10MM/year less than Rolen. Maybe I'd consider a straight-up swap, but I wouldn't be excited giving up much more than that.

Not to mention what in the heck does this mean for the team's direction? I assume it means they're going for it all next season, which would entail keeping Harang and any other vets. What other moves would potentially accompany this- would the Reds actually be "buyers"?

If not, it seems like more of the same paradoxical confusion of "contending while rebuilding" or whatever the hell you want to call the past decade.

EE has OPS'd over .800 twice in his 4 full seasons, and will not OPS over .800 this season.

Over the last 4 seasons, EE has OPS'd over .800 1 more time than Rolen did, after this year it will be Rolen with 2 and EE with 2.