Hello everyone,

I've actually been on Redszone since 2004, primarily just to read about the Reds and experience the insight, although I guess I have posted 36 times over the years, but don't think I've ever introduced myself.

Raised in Dayton, been a lifelong Reds fan. Was living in Oxford, Ohio (went to school at Miami) in college when the Reds won the World Series-- great time. Moved out in the mid-nineties to Chicago, went to graduate school at Indiana in Bloomington, and then basically been out in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 2000's. Still actively follow the Reds on the web and off and on have subscribed to Extra innings depending on my enthusiasm for their chances. See them at AT&T park or Oakland stadium every now and then.

Recently started blogging about various topics, some sports topics from an analytical and business point of view..if anyone is interested, a couple of my baseball related postings...

Steroids and Game Theory

Performance Enhancing Surgeries?

Hope to get back to being more active on Redszone this year and see them battle for hopefully at least the wild card this year.