I was watching the PPV last night with a couple of friends and, at the end of the card, the question was posed: Is Brock Lesner bad for the UFC?

At the end of his fight with Mir, he acted like he was back in the WWF. He started talking trash immediately to Mir, before the doctors had even finished looking at him. He flicked off the crowd, told them all to keep booing him and that he loved it, did nothing but insult Mir in his post-fight interview with Rogan, and then crapped all over the sponsor of the event.

For a sport that has made great strides in gaining legitimacy over the past few years, it felt like a huge step backwards. I honestly felt like I was watching an episode of "Monday Night Raw" and Lesner was cutting a promo on Shawn Michaels or someone else. It didn't help that we saw the same clip (edited) on ESPNNews some 10-15 minutes later.

He's obviously a very talented fighter (albeit pushed by Dana White to the top waaaayy too quickly), but I don't think he puts off an image that helps the sport.

Maybe I'm totally off base on this, though.