This team seems to continue to do the small things wrong!

In Sunday's game vs. Mets -- down 7-3, runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, Brandon Phillips hits a bouncer up the middle.

It looks like it has a chance to get through or at least be a close play at 1b. The SS makes an off-balance throw wide left that pulls the firstbaseman off the bag.

Since Phillips isn't hustling down the line (he's amazingly about 4 steps away from the bag!) the first baseman tags him out.

So instead of possibly 2 runs in (since the runners were moving on contact) and the score 7-5 with a runner on first and 2 out, we're out of the inning and still down 7-3.

And we end up losing by 2 runs.

Is it just me or does this team consistently not do the little things right!!