Let me start with I'm no batting coach. So I wondered if anyone else noticed this over his last two pinch hitting attempts. Both of which pretty much were make or break the game.

Before each pitch, Owings stepped back and out with his lead leg. This opened him up to the pitcher and took him another 6-8 inches off the plate. Then his swing just looked like he was flailing, because of course he was.

I have never noticed before if this is just how he approaches each at bat or not. But I have to believe that it's a terrible approach to hitting. I was always told to step into the pitch or at least step straight ahead toward the mound.

This seems pretty obvious, and I noticed it right away on his first attempt. Then he comes up yesterday and does the same damn thing. I mean it was so obvious on every pitch. Step back and out then reach for the ball.

Am I the only one who see's this? Which brings me to BP and his folly uppercut swing while all his weight is on his back leg. Pop up every time.

Willy does this too. Everytime WT does this I think of Wille Mays Hays in Major League. It's the same damn thing. If I were Dusty, I'd make them both drop and give me 20 everytime they pull that crap. These are MLB players making millions. Learn the basics.

It makes me wonder whether these guys ever watch themselves on tape. I know we are told they do, but come on. This is simple stuff.

Am I just totally making it all easier than it is?