I'm not talking about high draft choices (Billy Hamilton, Tyler Cline, etc.) or guys you knew about last year (Junior Arias, Byron Wiley, Yorman Rodriguez, Miguel Rojas, etc.) or players who began to distinguish themselves earlier in the season (Kevin Coddington, Logan Ondrusek, Matt Fairel, etc.). I'm asking who you've just begun to notice since, say, the rookie leagues started up (although I wouldn't confine the list to newcomers).

Here's my Top 20:

Yimmi Lopez, DSL -- a 16-year-old catcher who has an OBP over .400 (yes, yes, small sample).

Carlos Sanchez, DSL -- 18-year-old 1B whose four homers equal the rest of the team's.

Luis Machuca, DSL -- At 21, he's old for the league. But he's 6-1 (with a WHIP under 1.00) for a team that's not so hot.

Starlin Gerson, DSL -- Almost 21, and almost as impressive as Machuca. And 6-foot-4.

Carlos Tineo, DSL -- He's only here so I can mention his 15 BB in 6.1 IP. Holy smokes.

Henry Rodriguez, GCL -- 19, switch-hitter, infielder, looking good.

Theodis Bowe, GCL -- 18, small, presumably speedy OF. Sounds like a ballplayer.

Nathan Driessen, GCL -- Just-turned-18 LHP from Australia, doing very well. Throws from Down Under. Not sure about his arm slot, though.

Harold Johnson, GCL -- 18-year-old RHP more than holding his own in limited time. 6-foot-4.

Jesus Adames, GCL -- Ibid.

Mariekson Gregorius, Billings -- 19, SS, bats left, .885 OPS for starters. Got to think that a teenager from the Netherlands, who can do all that, has some serious upside.

Alexis Oliveras, Billings -- OF, 20, doing nicely at the top of the order.

Mauricio Pimental, Billings -- Skinny, switch-hitting IF who's not doing a thing. Don't know why I'm intrigued. Just a hunch, I guess.

Daniel Corcino, Billings -- 18-year-old RHP with 12 K in 9.1 IP.

Ezequiel Infante, Dayton -- 20-year-old lefty made short work of Billings.

Josh Fellhauer, Dayton -- Recent draftee has the CF thing going on.

Curtis Partch, Dayton -- RHP, suddenly dominant.

Mark Pawelek, Sarasota -- LHP, former top pick of Cubs, reclamation project at 22. Doing just fine so far.

Lee Tabor, Carolina -- Lefty moved to rotation out of necessity, and Eureka!

Matt Klinker, Carolina -- Probably too veteran to be included, but seems to have recently found something that hitters can't hit. And he's tall, which everybody seems to think is good.