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I'm telling you, man. I've seen roughly 25 or 30 of Stubbs' games over the past few years, twice in Chattanooga, once in Dayton, and the rest in Louisville. I've been watching minor league baseball for fifteen years pretty regularly too. I've probably attended 500 or so games over the course of those 15 years.

I saw Adam Dunn hit three consecutive pitches (two foul and one fair) completely out of the Louisville stadium (the only time a ballpark has been pindrop silent was when he hit the third one). I've seen all the suspects, prospects, and never-will-bes the Reds have pushed through AAA and tonight's spectacle was the worst I have ever seen a true prospect look. It was indescribably bad. Words do no justice to the suck I saw tonight.

His bat was s-l-o-w. His pitch recognition was nonexistant. He had absolutely no power. None. I think one ball got out of the infield all night (and the second baseman caught it). No ball went more than 120 feet.

Of course, none of this means a thing, too. Anyone can look bad on a given night. Maybe he's sick. Maybe he's tired. (I was tired and all I did was watch the marathon.) Maybe he's trying out a new swing. (If so, he can junk it.) I don't know.

I remember seeing Dave Collins hit for the Reds. Collins looked like a Little Leaguer. Went 0-fer and didn't touch a ball. Wouldn't have mattered if he took a toy bat up to the plate in that game. Thought he was done. Toast.

That was before he left the Reds to join the Yankees in 1981. Collins enjoyed another ten years of good baseball after that particular game. Everybody struggles.
When I saw his line and read thru the updates here tonight, my first two thoughts were:

1) Maybe he's sick?
2) Maybe he's pouting a bit from not being called up?

Not saying that's the case etc, but I fully expect him to bounce back. That's a looooong game to lose