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Projection and the likelihood of reaching that projection is why he was #1 over Frazier. He projects to be a better major leaguer. Numbers only tell us so much. Even still, I like Alonso's numbers more than Fraziers. Much better plate discipline and the power has been about the same (.193 isoP in AA for Frazier this year at age 23 and a .183 in the FSL and SL for Alonso at age 22). Combine the two and Alonso looks to be like a guy who will be a better overall hitter and the positional downgrade is minimum.
Your agument doesn't mesh with the results, and the results say Alonso doesn't hit LH pitching, hasn't produced any real power after leaving the league that suppresses said power, remember, like you said with Stubbs? We were supposed to see this spike in his power once he left the FSL. Never happened.

Right now I see Alonso as having a Pete Incagvilia feel to him. Lots of hype, not so much in the results.