[QUOTE=Benihana;1934849]Before I die, I'd love to get an inside look into real, live, actual trade discussions leading up to the deadline, and then take a look at what is being simultaneously reported about such discussions. I'd imagine the two versions would be nearly unrecognizable from one another.

I'm beginning to feel like it might actually be worth taking a 24 hour nap from baseball right about now, and coming back tomorrow to see what actually transpired...

Tracy Ringolsby wrote a great book in the 80's about a winter meetings. I wish I could remember the name if it. He followed the Braves team around as they discussed deal after deal. It was a real good, intimate look inside how these things work.

I read it twenty years ago, so I can't remember many details, except most of the talk was around Jeff Blauser. Every team wanted him from the Braves.

But from what I can remember, you are very correct that what gets reported was very different from what was actually being discussed. I believe the GM's even joked about some crazy reports a few times.