I have never lived in Cincinnati (closest I lived was about 3 hours away. Now, I'm in Pittsburgh), so with that said, being that the team is mired in a decade long slump, how relevant are the Reds to the city of Cincinnati? What is the vibe? Do people talk about them? Is it pretty common to walk around downtown and see people wearing Reds shirts/caps? Do people talk about them around the water cooler?

My only real comparison right now is me being here in Pittsburgh. Obviously, the Steelers run the show here, but I still sense an interest in Pirates baseball (though that really doesn't reflect in the attendance figures). It's pretty commonplace to walk around and see people in Pirates gear, and on the radio talk shows, a fair amount of discussion still occurs.

Lets talk about the relationship between (mediocre) team and city. I'll throw something else out there. I've often heard that Cincinnati is first and foremost a baseball town. How true is that still? Is interest in another medicore franchise, the Bengals, greater than that of the Reds/lesser than/equal to.

Again, I've never lived in the city, and though I've been a Reds fan my whole live, I've never really been there for anything other than games. I've always been curious about the vibe around the city OTHER than the gameday atmosphere.