I don't get it. It seems when the Reds have a need or percieved need, they'll sign someone who may or may not be good (usually not) and completely overpay.

"We need to get faster, better defense, and more small ball!" - Sign Corey Patterson for $3 mil, sign Taveras for $7 mil.

"We need better defense!" - Alex Gonzalez, here's your nice 3 year deal

"We need starting pitching!" - hey Eric Milton, we were just going to flush $30 mil down the toilet this is for you. And hey Bronson, you've pitched well in all of 6 starts since you came here! Forget about the rest of your career numbers, no way could you possibly fall back to that. Here's 2 years and $25 mil buddy!

"We need help in the pen badly!!" - Francisco Crdero, you only pitch one inning a night - if we're up. So here's about 20% of our salary at about 12 mil per year, yeah, that should solve it!

For a small market team, the Reds ownership is about the most retarded franchise in MLB. We burn valuable resources constantly by overpaying free agents, and when they don't perform you get the Dusty Baker philosophy of "we just need these players to play better, thats all!" :thumbdown