I'm not trying to start a fight or try to re-hash something that has already been posted but with yesterdays trades I'm beginning to really wonder just what are the goals of the ownership for this organization?

For one I really expected to see people like Harang and possibly Arroyo dealt at the deadline, but whatever on that. I was happy to see the Reds get Scott Rolen, I always hoped he would end up in a Reds uniform, unfornately it may be another KGJ situation where the trade came too late in his career.

My point is this, people like Griffey and Rolen actually want to play for the Reds for a reason, the fact that they grew up watching a dominant franchise in an excellent baseball setting. Doesn't owners care about that pride and tradition? Because I knew if I were the owner I would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to field a winner. These owners this decade have ruined the legacy of the Big Red machine and the Nasty Boys. When you have a team of tradition the American way is to continue that tradition. Someday when these owners leave everyone will despise them for the rest of their lives...doesn't that bother them, because I know it would drive me nuts, oh wait this organization has already taken care of that for me.