I have to think that the Reds gavee up on Edwin, decided he had to go no matter what they got in return, and thought bringing in a player of the stature of Rolen would reap benefits in the future. I doubt we'll see Rolen much longer than next year, but he'll bring some veteran presence (there's that phrase again) to the team and he can lead by example.

I'm really not into slitting my wrists over losing a third sacker who was error prone and never lived up to his potential. I wish Edwin well, but I'm glad to see him go because all anyone was ever going to see was what he was. As for the other two players...who know what they might become. Remember we released some relievers who have done well, but we released some who have been stinkers, too. You never know, but you do know that Rolen will be stellar while he's here. Injuries? Wasn't Edwin out for two months? How about the RedsZone darling Volquez? It happens even when you're young and is a part of the game.