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What about the rest of this years?

I guess I'm confused. They owed him $4M+ this year. So if the Jays give the Reds $4M, why would it be considered for NEXT year?
The monetary problem posed here is considerable. Did we just eat up an enormous chunk of any excess payroll we had for 2010, for a lateral 'upgrade'? Where is the money going to come from to add any value at the innumerable other positions still needing to be addressed, if in fact 2010 is the de facto target year to contend? If we have payroll room, why not kick in a little cash to help us unload Harang or Arroyo, or for that matter why couldn't we add a big bat heading into 2009?

We have tons of 'dead' payroll now. And I guess our strategy for 2010 is going to be to hope that Arroyo and Harang miraculously return to 2006 form, everyone gets healthy, and that we can plug in stop-gaps to fill our areas of actual need (LF, SS, SP etc...).

If we were going to trade this much value, I sure wish we could have added someone younger, more productive, healthier and more a part of the long-term picture than Scott Rolen. And Walt's already talking extension?