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Yeah...I was a Reds fan for the first 20 years of my life. My whole family loved the Reds (they still do), and I grew up going to Riverfront every chance I had. I just got tired of the excuses that management always made, and then they couldn't understand why fans stayed away. Cincinnati is a great baseball city, but the Reds are really good at disapointing their fans. I moved to St. Louis about 15 years ago, and I thought I would always be a Reds fan. Well, after seeing how the Cardinals treat their fans, it really made me look at things a different way. St. Louis and Cincinnati are so similar, but yet the organizations treat their fans totally different. The Cardinals management always tries to put a good team out on the field even if it does cost them a lot. The fans repay them by selling out the stadium again and again.

IMO, Reds fans and Cardinal fans may be two of the most similar types of fans in all of baseball. If the Reds would just spend some cash (wisely) to put a competetive team on the field, then the fans would come out to the ballpark. I can't blame fans for staying away after being disapointed time after time. At first I felt guilty for switching teams. It was like I was turning my back on a relative, but I don't anymore. I hear people say that they are loyal to their team, and will always be a fan of a certain team. I agree... to a point. Loyalty is great. I am a die hard Cardinals fan now, and probably will be forever. I tried giving the Reds another chance a few years ago when I moved back to Ohio. It didn't work though, I ended up buying Extra Innings from Direct TV so that I could watch the Cardinals. It just seems like loyalty usually goes one way, at least in Cincinnati. The fans are expected to follow the Reds no matter what. They can be disapointed year after year, but if they dare stay home and not go to the games, ownership blames the fans for why they can't spend money. I just got tired of that attitude. I want my team to be as loyal to me as I am to them. The Reds used to have a higher payroll than the Cardinals did. The Cardinals ownership invested a lot of money in the team to make the team better, and the attendance sky rocketted. I believe the same thing would happen in Cincinnati if ownership showed that they know what they are doing and they really tried.
I moved west 27 years ago, I still have a reds sticker on my car (the only sticker at all) I had 19 years of Giants and A's in my face, I live in M's country now, my first real love was the Tigers in the early 70's.

Not once did I think about how the owners treated the fans in that time, I'm not a baseball consumer I'm a baseball fan.

Everything else falls behind that.