Interesting stuff from MLBTR:'s Buster Olney shows that the economic downturn has widened the gap between rich teams and poor ones after a decade of relative parity. As he shows, seven of the eight teams with the biggest payrolls would make the playoffs if they began today. The Mets have the game's second-biggest payroll, but wouldn't make it. Here are a few others notes from Olney's blog:

  • We could start hearing about waiver claims today, since teams have stared putting players on waivers.
  • The Reds' acquisition of Scott Rolen is "without question the most widely panned pre-deadline trade within the industry."
  • The Reds gave up Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart, a pair of highly-regarded young arms.
  • One talent evaluator believes the Jays will release Edwin Encarnacion after the season. Even if the third baseman's $4.75MM salary is too much for the Jays, they'd presumably try to trade him first.