First off, hello to everyone. My name is Drew, I live in central Ohio, and I am a Reds-aholic. My first Reds memories are from playing with toys in my grandparents living room, while they listened to the games on the radio. I imagine that was during the Big Red Machine era, although I didnt know that at the time.
I just came across this site a few days ago, and it looks great from what I can tell. I am on a similar collegiate sports-based message board but the Reds info/chatter is not always enough for me.
My question is how do you ask for or get an invite to be able to post on the Old Red Guard and Game Threads area of the site? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them thus far. I read the About Us and it seems you basically have to apply and be approved for those two site areas...any suggestions on how that should be done? Thanks,