I just ordered a roku to stream netflix movies and it will be here tomorrow. So I might go this route next year.

Roku and ó a great team

With Roku and MLB.TV Premium, you can now watch your favorite team no matter where you live. Catch live, out-of-market games on your TV screen with your MLB.TV Premium subscription and your Roku player and watch local market or other nationally televised games approximately 90 minutes after they end. Whether youíre a displaced fan wanting to enjoy your favorite teamís local broadcast or just a fan of baseball and want to keep up with whatís going on around the league, Roku, together with, has got you covered. Using your MLB.TV Premium subscription, you can watch up to 100 games per week.
If youíre not already familiar with MLB.TV Premium, check it out here. With's special offer, enjoy all the action remaining in the season at the lowest price possible.
If you already have your MLB.TV Premium subscription, what are you waiting for? The Roku digital video player will get you away from your laptop and put those glorious games right on your TV screen. Play, pause, rewind and fast-forward the game, as if you were watching on your DVR. Review that close call or once-in-a-lifetime grand slam over and over.
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