OK listen, I might be the only one obsessed enough to do this. But it's worth asking.

I don't want to step on the toes of the Redszone Dynasty League. So please don't think I'm poaching anyone. However, I'm interested in putting together a very, very highly realistic GM league. Let me warn you, however, this would not be for the faint of heart. It would be a much more time-consuming league than your average roto league. So it might require more time for many of you than you have to give, which I would understand.

However, for those that want to hear me out and then contact me if you're interested, here's the concept:

* 24-teams (it would start out as a 12-team NL-only and 12-team AL-only)
* 3 divisions in each league
* 23-week season, head-to-head with 7 "games" each week
homefield advantage built-in
* 3 weeks of playoffs with 3 division winners and a wild-card for each league
* 1st week (wildcard of each league vs. best record and No. 2 & 3 winners)
* 2nd week LCS (first round winners of each league square off)
* 3rd and final week (final week of MLB regular season) is the "World Series."

* You would select a team from each division to manage as your dynasty (no more than four teams can be selected from each division, though). We'll probably allow teams to start off with a certain number of frozen players and then fill-in rosters and organizations with an offseason 'free agency' period. Salaries and contracts of frozen players would be determined by a ratio of their real existing contracts, shrunk to a ratio that is equal to the size of the real team's payroll versus what our salary cap will be.

* Format based on Runs Created (using BaseRuns for hitters) and Runs Allowed (BaseRuns for pitchers as well as a percentage of each "error committed" by your offensive players). It would use the pythagorean formula to create an expected win percentage (plus or minus your home or away field advantage that week) and compare that to the results of your opponent. It would then give a final pythag for that week and multiply by 7 games, giving you the number of "wins" you had that week - which is then added to the standings.

* 23-man active roster / 40-man roster with DL spots that allow additional roster flexibility until a player is removed.
* Organizational rosters consisting of abbreviated AAA, AA and A teams
* Guaranteed contracts for your active roster
* 1, 2 & 3-year contracts with extensions available
* Actual "service time" accrued for younger players
* A miniature "arbitration" process using a stats criteria for players meeting the arbitration limit
* A designated salary cap for your rosters, which will go up incrementally as the season goes on to allow owners some flexibility
* Free-agency period in the offseason using an auction over a designated period of time (that way way we have time to 'draft' over a period of several weeks and bid in increments)
* Free agency bids of any kind awarded in total salary offered (Dollars x Years). For instance... if I offer a player $10 mil for 3 years but another owner offers $11 mil for 2... the owner offering only a 2-year deal wins the player.
* Trade deadline with realistic waivers and DFA.
* A real "Rule 5" draft each year for 'minor leaguers' that are not added to a 40-man roster in the stipulated amount of time (TBD).
* A "Rule 4" or "first year" player draft each season after free agency to add prospects that were not added the previous year or guys drafted in the real MLB draft.
* A minor league budget with minor league free agency (on a small scale.. working out the logistics of that)
* Compensatory Type-A and Type-B free agent pick compensation if arbitration is offered to a player and the player's salary would increase by a certain ratio. There would be a limit to how many Type-A and Type-B picks a team could lose/sign.

I could go on. But point is, it's basically a realistic league. I am just interested in first finding out if there's interest. I have a friend or two that wants to do it... so we'd need to find 20-21 owners. You'd pick a ML team and start off by getting to keep a set number of players & prospects from that team (as I said, the initial salaries of the active players would be scaled to ratio).

The first season would be based on league. So it would start off as filling out teams from only the league your team is in. Now... we can decide if we want to keep it that way or let it open up to an MLB player pool after that. But I just want to see if there's enough interest.

So... let me know. You can also let me know what team you might want to start with. The Reds can only go to one team, so list a team other than Cincinnati and we can sort that out if the league is a go (ha ha).