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I don't see what Cozart being in AA has to do with Francisco. He does not play the same position. So promoting Francisco and not Cozart is a non-starter. Not even relevant to the discussion.
Sure it does. There was 1 open roster spot in AAA. Francisco got it despite the fact that the Bats have a 3B, but don't have a SS. They have even said they don't view Valaika as a SS (Rick Sweet said it earlier this year).

You could argue Frazier should have been called before Francisco, since they at least have some positional likeness to them. So if we're looking down the road, Frazier, in theory, would be ready first so he's the one they should call up. It seems to me, though, that they aren't planning on using Frazier at third, meaning then they really want to challenge Francisco.
Frazier playing 3rd or not playing 3rd doesn't matter much to me. He CAN play left and looking into 2010, the Reds don't have a left fielder. The Reds DO have a 3B. If Frazier were to perform well in AAA over the rest of August and into the playoffs you would imagine the Reds would at least entertain the idea of him as an option for 2010. They still may, but I doubt it. Fact is, both Frazier and Cozart COULD be options for 2010 spots of need. Francisco doesn't supply that same value at all.