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That is simply incorrect. What people do say is he either needs to walk more or strikeout less because guys can't be successful major leaguers with such a discrepency between your walks and strikeouts. You can get by without walking much, but you have to put the ball in play 90% of the time and he doesn't. So he needs to walk more often than he has.
Just wanted to add this chart I just made. I went back to 1960 all the way through last year and took every player with 300 at bats in a season. I then broke them down by K/BB in groupings of 0.50's. I then arranged those groupings by OPS and figured out the % of batters in that group who went on to OPS .800 or higher in the season that they posted that K/BB.

Juan on the season is in that last group at 4.60. Over his hot streak he is only at 3.23. That is an area where he could have success, but the odds still are less than 20% that he could OPS .800. The 4.60+ he has been at for his entire career isn't.