It is getting really painful to watch this Reds team. I've tried to stay positive and hope for 2010...but, after 19 years of that, it's getting old. It's time to quit with the excuses about why the Reds can't build a winner. They are not a small market team. They are CAUSING a small market by losing all the time. Up through the middle 1990's the Reds outspent the Yankees, and were oneof the highest payrolls in all of baseball. Now all of a sudden it's the economy, or the attendance, or global warming. In order to win, Cincy is going to have to go out and get a power hitting leftfielder who can drive in runs; and a good hitting shortstop who plays top-notch defense ( or a second baseman if they move Brandon to short). They also need another solid starting pitcher. They must NOT trade Francisco Cordero! It is justr nstupid to have any plan of winning and then trade your money-in-the bank closer. It's time to spend some money, quit making excuses and get the job done. Otherwise, fans ought to go find something else to invest their loyalty and their money in.