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* Before the season Dusty bragged that he could lure players to Cincy. Patterson played for Dusty in Chicago. Do you really think Dusty had no input whatsoever in Wayne's efforts to bring him to town? Too much of a coincidence for a reasonable person to ignore.
How is that relevant? Dusty wanted Wood to come here. Walt said no.
It's the GM's responsible to assemble the roster.

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* Once the season started who make's out the lineup? Are you wanting us to believe that Dusty doesn't and some other person does? Who? The guy in section 518? What unknown forces inked Patterson into the leadoff spot for the months of April, May and June?
The Reds had a weak lineup last year. I agree that the lineup was not optimized. I think Dusty felt that putting Patterson in the leadoff spot would make him approach his at bats better (like focus on OBP). Obviously, it did not work well with Patterson. Some of Dusty's lineup tinkering did bring benefits though. He got a good year out of Harriston and EdE. Dusty does not get the credit he deserves for pulling the best year yet out of the egnematic EdE.

* Later in the season, why did we continue to see Patterson in CF and Dickerson in LF? Was a law passed in Congress that forced poor ole Dusty to play Patterson in CF?
Because Patterson has a superior glove to Dickerson.

* Who sends out the pinch hitters?
Nitpicking. The Reds' bench sucked last year. Dusty had to use Patterson a few times to pinch hit (I think that is your point). Without going into it game by game, it is hard to use that as damaging evidence.

Sorry Redread, .
Apology accepted.

hinking that Dusty was forced to use Patterson just doesn't stand the scrutiny of reason and facts.
All I see is you complaining that Patterson was in CF despite the fact that Patterson is a better defender than Dickerson. Then you complain that Patterson was used as pinch hitter a few times. (Wouldn't that make you happy that Patterson was PH instead of starting?) Then you have some conspiracy about Dusty forcing Wayne to put Patterson on the roster while keeping Bruce at AAA. Are you going to blame Dusty for Castro, Valentin, etc too? Wayne was a poor GM. I know it's fashionable to blame Dusty for everything, but that's not reality.

Address my key point. The Reds were forced to recall Patterson from AAA due to injuries and trades. Lack of OF depth forced Dusty to play Patterson.
I agree that Dusty's attempt to motivate Patterson's OBP by batting him leadoff failed, but Dusty didn't do it to sabotage the Reds.