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The main problem is they have to create rosters and top guys tend to sign at the deadline after a long college baseball season. If they were playing all these guys in low a ball for 2 weeks it puts a pretty big kink into the system. Now if they can play at the end of the year its one thing but a lot of these guys barely play at any level the year they are drafted. I think its kind of a lot to ask that college kids hit Dayton level.
I don't think it should be that way for every organization but I think in this case having at least your #1 and #2 picks go thru Dayton even if it's just briefly helps a whole lot more than it could hurt in any way. If nothing else you could call it them getting their season legs under them and started off on the right foot. The long lasting effects from Dayton Fans supporting Reds players can be huge for the organization.