Corey Brinn just posted this on his blog. Corey is the clubhouse manager for the Dayton Dragons. Nice little insight as to how things happen after each game.

Dan from East Amherst, NY is 45-year Cincinnati Reds fan and asks: What kind of game reports do the coaching staff file after every game, and how soon must they be filed after a game? Do they analyze every at bat, every inning pitched, defense, etc? How involved is the staff with regard to promotions or even demotions?

First of all, Dan, thanks for following the blog and emailing a question. Each member of the coaching staff must file a game report each evening following that day’s contest. Todd Benzinger, the Dragons manager, must cover all aspects of the game from offense to defense to pitching. He is also asked to give any additional comments about the game or players, outside of just stats. In addition to his computerized report he also does an oral report through the Reds phone system that is available for all employees to listen to and see how things are going.

Hitting Coach Tony Jaramillo will analyze each at bat by every player, talking about his approach at the plate that night, what the count was, and problem areas. He will also talk about the situation with the batter at the plate with how many runner were on, how many outs, etc. This helps generates stats like average with runners in scoring position and such.

On the pitching side, Tony Fossas will focus on each pitcher that evening, how many pitches total they through, what types of pitches, times to the plate and anything else that he may have noticed during the outing. Fossas will also chart if a reliever may have warmed up, but not entered the game for some reason.

“It is my job to show what sometimes the stats don’t,” Fossas said. “On paper, a pitcher may have given up five runs, but the staff may have felt that he pitched much better than his line showed. They could have been bunt singles or bloopers that fell in. It is our job to tell about that stuff.”

As far as promotions and demotions, Director of Player Development Terry Reynolds works with the field coordinator Freddie Benavides, pitching coordinator Mack Jenkins, hitting coordinator Ronnie Ortegon and others on what to do with certain players. The manager and coaches for the Dragons are always welcome to give their opinions, but the final say is always up to Reynolds on an player moves.

As internet access is needed to finalize and sync the game reports, it is can be a challenge for the coaches to get them in right away. Some visiting stadiums do not have access in the clubhouse or the coaches may be boarding a bus directly after the game to travel to another city. Due to this, they may get them turned in first thing in the morning.
Some of you may have known it, but I bet a lot didn't. Just thought it was a good read and wanted to share it.