I mention this because I've heard SC Red and others mention that they play.

Good game, and I really like the planned improvements for March.

New & Updated Features in Out of the Park Baseball 5

Brand new, completely rebuilt artificial intelligence engine, which impacts the game's financial model, player evaluation, trading and roster management

New Manager Mode allows you to be hired (or fired!) and compile a career as a team manager and/or general manager

Improved interface, with hyperlinked player and team names

Support for mouse scroll wheels for roster and statistics browsing

Game will ship with three different interface 'skins'

Most reports (including box scores, etc.) will be displayed in separate HTML windows (multiple windows possible)

Interface sounds and music, in-game stadium ambient sounds

Optional role-playing element in Manager Mode - date women, marry and build a family, and if you are lucky, maybe raise a son with baseball skills who can enter the draft pool when he's 18-22 years old. Just be careful with your wife - a divorce is expensive!

Enhanced minor league system with basic team W-L records, better reports and presentation. An option for required full minor league rosters will be there as well.

More robust spring training period

Complete tracking of career minor league statistics for every player

Complete tracking of career postseason statistics

Enhanced importing of historical season data, featuring more accurate ratings calculations, new ballpark effects, and accurate outfield positions

New player development algorithms, resulting in more variability in player development in historical careers

New financial coefficient allows gamers to adjust salary demands and game financial data to historical leagues

New team and manager strategy settings, including individual stealing tendencies, setting pitch-counts for pitchers, and staff rotation mode settings

New Player Tracker lets you keep tabs on any player in the game and quickly see how he is performing

New simulation options, including the ability to easily simulate multiple seasons at a time

New and improved importing and exporting tools for transferring rosters and player ratings

Other enhancement and additions, such as a new star-based player rating system, and new reports such as team power rankings and minor league system rankings

----One comment, I found it a bit odd that they assume EVERYONE who plays the game is a male, given the role playing "divorce your wife" element.