Juan Francisco is a talent I'd love to venture to the ballpark to see and he is just putting on a show in Louisville since his promotion. Here's his stats:

Juan Francisco

I understand that Walt had to have Rolen. But the thing is is that Rolen is often injured and will be due 11 million next year which the Reds are on the hook for. Now I noticed tonight that Francisco was playing a little LF tonight which I think would be smart giving the fact the Reds just backed them selves into a corner with Rolen at 3rd. Reds have a lot of money invested in 4 players and are forced to fill out the roster with cheap talent. Harang, Arroyo, Cordero, and Rolen are making a combined 46 million+. Add in Taveras and that is over 50 million dollars for 5 players! Francisco is a raw talent who deserves his shot and is no doubt slated to come up in September.. but why wait? Bring him up now and cash in on some extra ticket sales..