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I'll go. If we are limiting it to this year I was wrong about the following:

1. Arthur Rhodes - I didn't think he'd be good in full inning stints and thought he was only a loogy. He's been great.

2. Alex Gonzalez - I figured he'd never play again and the SS spot would suck. Well he did play and the SS spot sucked.

3. Jared Burton - I thought he was ready for the 8th inning.

4. Danny Rae Herrera - I figured he'd be awful by Memorial day.

5. Jay Bruce - I didn't think he'd be an MVP candidate but did think he'd be a plus. He's alarmingly bad at the plate.

6. Ramon Hernadez - I thought his defense would be awful, but he was OK back there and great at 1B.

and finally,

7. Walt Jocketty - Until the Willy T signing, I thought he might have a clue. Seems he doesn't.
My list mirrors yours, mth. Especially No. 5. Just more proof that minor league stats are not exactly what they seem. Jay may finally develop into a good, not spectacular outfielder at the plate, but I seriously doubt it now.