I was at the Louisville Bats' game last night, and Juan Fransisco put on what may have been the most pitiful fielding performance I have ever seen in a professional baseball game above single A. Four balls were hit towards Fransisco:

1: In the second inning a double play ground ball was hit to Fransisco, but it went off his glove for an error.

2: The next batter bunted towards Fransisco, and he could not even pick it, though he probably would not have had a play anyway.

3: In the fifth inning, a hard grounder went off of Fransisco's glove for an error again, scoring two runs, and putting a man on second.

4: In the sixth inning, Fransisco finally fielded a ball, but he bobbled it, before recovering to throw out the runner at first.

I guess this might have just been a bad night, but I was at a previous Bats game with Fransisco at third, and, though he did not make an error, he did not make some plays that I thought a third baseball should have at least come closer to making, and generally looked like he should not be at third. I just don't understand why the Reds organization continues to play him at third base, hasn't he proven he can not do so?