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I'll third the Hardy notion. He's a no-brainer option for the Reds right now. He's within the realm of their financial resources. He would be under the club's control for the next two years. And lastly, he would not cost the Reds an arm and a leg to acquire.
I'd pay an arm (Mike Lincoln) and a leg (Willy Taveras) for him.

I still think a deal centering on Cordero and Hardy makes a lot of sense. The Brewers were right with the Reds in bidding on Cordero and were actually miffed that they weren't given the opportunity to top the Reds deal, so they may not think the $ for Cordero are out of the question. Cameron probably walks next year and they could let Cordero replace Hoffman. Both teams could significantly restructure in a deal that looks something like Cordero, Stubbs and Lincoln for Hardy, David Riske and the right to guarantee that Jonathon Lucroy is the PTBNL in the Weathers trade.

The Brewers would plug Cordero in as closer while offsetting his salary with Hardy and his near $5 Million and Riske and his $5 Million with buy-out going out the door. Stubbs could plug in at CF while the Brewer save additional money letting Cameron ($10 Million) and Hoffman ($6 Million) walk. That should give the Brewers pretty much money to spend on a starting pitcher.

The Reds would have Hardy at SS with Riske on the DL as a reserve for the pen while still saving $2 Million on Cordero's deal vs. Riske and Hardy combined. Including Lincoln saves them anothe $2.5 Million. The $4.5 Million freed-up should give the Reds the money to re-up Gomes and add a LH counterpart. Lucroy would pair with Hanigan as the catching tandem. We've all been thinking of getting a vet to pair with Ryan, but Hanigan is near 30 and serves the vet purpose IMO. Lucroy would be the younger half of the duo. Heisey pairs with Dickerson to fill CF. Masset becomes the head of the closer by committee group. Willy still gets DFAd. If the Brewers want a little more they could pick whoever they want from Owings, Maloney, Lecure, Rosales, Valaika and Sutton.

Dickerson/Heisey CF
Hardy SS
Votto 1B
Rolen 3B
Gomes/New Guy LF
Phillips 2B
Bruce/Balentien RF
Hanigan/Lucroy C

The other position player would be an infielder, probably Janish.

Owings or Maloney or maybe Wood or some scrap heep reclamation guy until Volquez gets back. (Ben Sheets might be interesting after a year of rest.)


Riske would be ready to step into the middle innings after Memorial Day just about the time when whoever busts or gets hurt needs to be replaced.